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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. (The Shining)

About 2 years ago, I started signing up for using the high school wood shop one evening a week from 6-9pm. I’ve always been a self-taught household rough carpenter. Wood Shop costs about $90 for each 3 month session and you are expected to be self-directed. The bureau was about my first project. It was a challenge and a half, but I did it. I made lots of mistakes along the way. But the key to that is not being afraid to fail – not being afraid to make a mistake.

We do our children a huge disservice by not giving them lots of opportunities to fail. Instead, everyone receives a trophy, everyone is on the honor roll. Everyone plays in the game. Everyone gets an “A.” We are raising a generation of fragile and vulnerable children.

Auditors are continuously placed in new environments to face new challenges, a new industry, a new company, a new management philosophy. We cannot let fear of making a mistake deter us from being productive. Fear is the mind killer. (Dune)

Enjoy the pictures. The vertical slats in two of the projects are from an old toboggan I took apart. I freed the oak runners and then planed them smooth. The bench seat is made from 90% reclaimed oak from our town transfer station. (dump) I got most of my plans from The bureau plans were nothing but the full scale drawings with no instructions. Those were from a different source. That was really difficult because I had to figure out what to do in what order to let it all come together. The plans from are very well detailed with good instructions. Some feature one specific type of joinery or other facet of furniture making, which is good. They are also in PDF format whereas the bureau plans were sent via mail and are all the worse for wear at this point.




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