When you sleep with dead fish, you wake up stinking

Connecticut estate dispute may end with settlement

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So I guess this is old news, but one of the people heavily and directly involved, Debra Hyde, was and still is the Director of Advancement at an elite private day school in West Hartford, Connecticut, Kingswood-Oxford School.

For those people who continue to believe that trust is an internal control, what do you think of this? Is this person a trustworthy individual? Would you think it might be a good idea to make sure you watched every move she made? What would you do?

What if she was very successful in bringing donations into the school? Could you bear to give that up?

I suspect this was debated for a long time. As far as her employment at the school is concerned, it appears there were no consequences. If you were an alumni, would this affect your plans for donating to the school?

Money talks.









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One Comment to “When you sleep with dead fish, you wake up stinking”

  1. Chuck Sheketoff says:

    Thanks for posting. I wouldn’t hire her in a job that has fiduciary responsibilities.

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