About ME!

W. Benson Dana, CPA, MBA

Cape Elizabeth, Maine




I provide temporary professional financial help at a reasonable price and am equally comfortable serving your needs as CFO, Controller, Financial Analyst, Payroll Manager, Accounting Manager, Internal Auditor, etc.

This web site includes many detailed stories that present a complete picture of what I bring to the table professionally.

Summary of Skills and Abilities:

Benson is equally comfortable reconciling complex general ledger accounts, preparing an estate and gift tax return form 706, form 1065, 1120S, 1040, sales tax returns, creating projections and Excel cash flow models linking sales projections, income statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet or planning, leading and reporting on significant internal audit projects. As detailed below, Benson is highly focused on keeping his eyes open and taking advantage of opportunities he identifies to reduce costs, improve internal controls and contribute to the bottom line.

Professional Experience

Benson is an experienced Accounting Professional with 30+ years in various industries ranging from manufacturing, service/retail and state government to Construction and the non-profit sector. Benson can manage multiple projects and deadlines with ease, working as a team member or alone with minimal supervision.

Return on Investment

Benson Initiated, designed, and completed a 3-year review of the purchasing contract between the State of Maine and its computer vendor. Based on his experience, the contract terms and a review of invoices, he determined the state was likely being overcharged. The result of this work was the vendor unilaterally returning $410,000 to the state’s general fund. This was widely reported in state newspapers at the time.

As Manager of Internal Audit at Hannaford Bros., Benson and his team of accounts payable auditors recovered $1.5 million the first year and $2.4 million the second from vendors for missed deals and allowances.

An audit of a marketing department revealed the company was paying retail rates for advertising. Negotiating a custom rate reduced costs by $100,000 annually.

Benson’s targeted review of accounts receivable activity at over 100 stores revealed one store with unusual statistics. Benson personally interviewed the bookkeeper and based on the evidence he had gathered, secured a written confession to the theft of $12,000. He also testified before the Grand Jury in the case.

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