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Quickbooks Tips, Traps and Advice

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QuickBooks is probably the #1 selling small business accounting program in the world. Well, in the US, anyway. It does a great job automating and classifying transactions, and simplifying the processing and allows small business owners to take better control of their finances. Unfortunately, it does not come with a CPA certificate or a BA […]

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An Examination of 151 Embezzlement Cases from 2012

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A Narrative discussion on impressions from a small collection of embezzlement cases from 2012 There are 151 records in the database. But there is one duplicate and another where the same person stole from 2 different companies in the $1 million and over group. There is also one record from the country of the Netherlands […]

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Final Update to my Database of 2012 Embezzlement Cases

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I’ve had a lot of people look at this posting over this past year, but there are zero comments. I periodically add more records – every 2-4 weeks or so, on average, but I may be done for 2012. I’m up to 151 records and it seems pretty consistent. If I continue to see zero […]

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Small Business Accounting and Control Quiz

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Take this Test Score one point for each yes answer Cash Do you actually see a checking account reconciliation every month? Is this true – My checking account reconciliation never has an “Unlocated” or “Unidentified” amount listed? Do you compare the checking account reconciliation with the bank statement? Do you as owner sign all checks […]

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