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Towards a New and more Effective Consideration of Fraud in a Financial Statement Examination

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So what do I suggest if I think the triad of fraud “guidance” is a crock? Good question. In an accounting/auditing engagement, what would I recommend as guidance in considering the risk of fraud?   First, I would create at least 2 major and wholly independent categories of fraud.   Material, willful, financial statement fraud […]

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3 New Embezzlement Stories

Read full article  | No Comments Here is another small non-profit organization victimized by poor internal controls and bad management. Good management does not tolerate bad internal controls. BOLTON, Conn. (AP) _ Bolton police say the former president of a public access TV station embezzled nearly $380,000 since 2007. The Journal Inquirer reports that Deborah Hilton of Bolton surrendered to […]

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Are Criminal Background Checks a Waste of Time and Money?

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Listen, you spend hundreds and thousands of dollars every year on auto insurance, and life insurance and homeowner’s insurance, right? And your hope and expectation is that you NEVER have to draw on it, right? Nobody in their right mind drives around thinking, gee, I hope I get in an accident and do lots of […]

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An Examination of 151 Embezzlement Cases from 2012

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A Narrative discussion on impressions from a small collection of embezzlement cases from 2012 There are 151 records in the database. But there is one duplicate and another where the same person stole from 2 different companies in the $1 million and over group. There is also one record from the country of the Netherlands […]

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